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Lucid Dreamer

1. Get Thee Behind Me Satan
2. Worship You
3. I'm So Happy
4. The Warning Song
Lucid Dreamer
Immortal Love

1. Immortal Love
2. Gotta Have Jesus
3. Accept and Believe
plus 7 others

My Cowgirl Princess

My Cowgirl Princess
Where Did Your Love Come From
Forbidden Love
All Your Dreams
I Remember Paris
She Wants To Be Wanted
Counterfeit Smile


Looks Like You Lied
St. John's Way
I Remember You
This Time
The 30th of May
A Little Rain
More Than Friends
JNB - First Four

Mrs. Hendricks
The Third Waltx
Turning Left at Juanita's Lounge

JNB - Complete

Mrs. Hendricks - Remix
The Third Waltx
Turning Left at Juanita's Lounge
I'll Never Tell You Goodbye
April Smiles
Given A Garden
There's A Hole in My Soul
Another Day Died
Final Family Reunion

Original Gospel Greats

1.          I Dreamed About Jesus Last Night
2.          In Your Father's House
3.          The Ring Around Zion
4.          I Love You Jesus
5.          Zion
6.          Forever
7.          Repent
8.          Gather To Zion
9.          Should You Wake Up
10.        Sewing Up My Garments
11.        Before I get Too Old

Nature's Child - Cover's Lucid Dreamer's First

She Looks Good
Waiting In The Wings
Say You Love Me Today

and More....
Item                                                          Price Each

Lucid Dreamer - CD - Immortal Love        $11.95

Lucid Dreamer - CD - Salvation       $3.99

Lucid Dreamer - 20 Live                    $6.95

Lucid Dreamer - 20 For 20     $6.95

Lucid Dreamer Sticker                     $1.95

Lucid Dreamer Window Cling                      $1.95

Vinny and The Jets - Demo 2008Free

SilverStar - CD - My Cowgirl Princess   $5.95

SilverStar - CD - Memories   $5.95

JNB - CD - First Four       $3.95

JNB - CD - Complete        $8.95

BNP - CD - Old Tyme Gospel Greats    $5.95

Nature's Child - CD - Covers Lucid Dreamer          $3.95

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Lucid Dreamer
Christian Rock - Praise and Worship
Country and Western
Featuring a mix of classic country and a little southern rock.

The JNB offers all original music
ranging from Pop to Rock
RFR Music and Entertainment
Open 24 Hours
RFR Artists
Lucid Dreamer
20 Live

1.  Get Thee Behind Me Satan
2.  Worship You
3.  God Won't Let You Down
4.  Immortal Love
5.  The Warning Song
6.  Love Is
7.  Charlotte and More!
Lucid Dreamer
20  For 20

1.  Say You Love Me Today
2.  Love One Another
3. We Need to Talk
4.  Lift Up
5.  The Day
6. Talia Rila Shira
7. Get Thee Behind Me Satan
8.  Worship You

and 12 other Greatest Hits!
Vinny and The Jets
Classic Rock and Roll
Vinny and The Jets
2008 Demo


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