Transactional Opt-in Text Messages

Transactional opt-in messages are texts used by businesses to give necessary information to a customer.

They send out order confirmations, tracking numbers, two-factor authentication numbers, and password resets. They serve virtually no marketing purposes, only to help out the customer during or after a transaction.

While you don’t strictly opt into these messages, they often let you opt-out of them. Businesses let customers know beforehand that their numbers are being used in this way when they make a purchase.


Promotional opt-in messages are ones sent out purely for marketing or sales purposes. This includes messages about promotions, offers, discounts, and coupons.

For these text messages, businesses need express written consent. Customers can opt into these messages by typing in a keyword or filling out a form.

When opted in, customers should get a text message letting them know that this service is active and that they can type in another keyword to stop the messages if they so choose.

Opt in for Texting

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