The Bobby Norcross Project presents 11 Original Gospel Greats
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The Bobby Norcross Project Story

In the early '90's (1990's, not 1890's - he's not that old)  Bobby began to writea few songs testifying of his love for his Heavenly Father.  Bobby began playing these at every opportunity he could whether it was at church or with The Sunshiners.

When requests were made for a copy of these songs, The Bobby Norcross Project was created and in 1993 Bobby went into the studio to record some of these songs.

After that session, 11 songs were recorded and made available on the CD, Original Gospel Greats.

Bobby passed away in July 2012.  He will be greatly missed but his musical legacy will live on forever.

1.I Dreamed About Jesus Last Night
2.In Your Father's House
3.The Ring Around Zion
4.I Love You Jesus
8.Gather To Zion
9.Should You Wake Up
10.    Sewing Up My Garments
11.    Before I get Too Old